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Support Resiliency Skills Training for Everyone!

Trauma Happens. We can all grow the ability to get our lives back on track.

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Life can and does throw us curve-balls! Our ability to navigate the ups and downs of being a human skillfully (resilience) is something we can get better at. Take our friend, "Gerald". As a returning veteran, he found fitting back into civilian life more challenging than he anticipated. Participating in our programs at the Vets Center, he was encouraged by some of the older veterans in his mediation class to not wait "40 years like I did" to work with his symptoms of PTS. Thanks to the support of his family and his regular practices he finds himself to be less reactive and a better dad to his kids, a better partner to his wife and a more productive employee at his job. That is our work, helping those struggling with the difficulties that have come their way bounce back to a more optimal state of being.