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You can have a plan and be working the plan and then BOOM! You realize you need a new plan. As you likely are already aware, the Learning Center at Red Willow is losing its main classroom and practice space. This is a fairly major upheaval for us.

As we move into the next phase of the Learning Center at Red Willow, we are hard at work on the process of re-imagining our position in the community. Given the challenges of the last year -- plus the fact that we are losing our home base for classes and workshops -- it’s the perfect time to revisit our strategy for continued success and financial sustainability of the Learning Center at Red Willow.

We know our services are important as witnessed by the increase in demand. We have set a goal of creating a stronger financial safety net that allows us to better navigate unanticipated circumstances, like the loss of our building. In order to continue to serve the expanding demand we are experiencing, it is clear to us that a more robust number of monthly sustaining gifts would play a big role in the Learning Center at Red Willow’s goal of financial stability.

This is where you can help. Please join our Bouncing Forward 2021 Campaign. For most people, automatic recurring gifts are super-easy once they are set up.

  • The monthly amount can be tailored to fit any budget.
  • We can process a debit or credit card or draw your donation or pledge from a checking or savings account. (Contact us if you want the checking/savings option).
  • You can feel good knowing the services that are important to you are being funded!

P.S. So why the weird numbers for donor levels? Well, from as far back as Pythagoras (the triangle guy), numbers have been thought to be the reason everything happens, from musical harmony and to the beauty we find in nature. Now, we can’t say for sure that numbers represent the various qualities ascribed to them but it seems like in these times, we want to make sure all the energies possible are lined up in our favor. Let’s have some fun with this!